Angela Carter’s series The Bloody Chamber is a collection of chilling tales loosely based on traditional fairytales. The main protagonist is entrusted with the keys to a forbidden door, located deep within the building. Of course, when left to her own devices, she wonders through the manor to find the door, curious as to what might be lurking behind it…

lllustration created by myself, book cover created by Vintage Classics.
Edition designed by Vintage Books

What she discovers is a hidden torture chamber, full of bodies that have been strewn across the room in horrific ways – and a bride’s head hanging from the ceiling still covered in a veil, decorated with a thorny rose crown. Terrified, she attempts to flee the building before realising that she has already been trapped by her captor and has to find a way to escape before she becomes yet another victim of his sadistic love rituals.

In the illustration I created [above] I attempted to capture the haunted atmosphere of the house, with references to the captor’s psychopathic acts imprinted on the walls of the torture chamber, as though when entering the room, the young woman could almost see the shadows permanently tattooed on the walls even when his presence was absent. To the left and above left are current editions of the book you can buy online by Vintage Books – I would definitely recommend the read, but for those who are a little fearful, I’d advise keeping the light on!