Coolherbals Gold Range

Since each product contains particles of gold, each design incorporated gold textures and plays with various shades of gold, black and white.


Coolherbals specialise in Ayurvedic Medicine, using natural ingredients that are designed to encourage healthy skin, hair and nails.

Their gold range includes 24 Carat Gold Leaf in each product, which has exfoliating properties. I was tasked with creating designs for each product, with gold textures to highlight the luxuriousness of the products, and hexagons, inspired by light fractals.

The Skincare Range

Coolherbal’s Gold Range included a vast array of products, so designing the packaging was a challenge; products ranged from tubed facial peels, through to eye cream, toners and serums. Below you can see a selection of designs created for the range, and how the hexagon ties into each of the packaging design but in a unique way – playing with black, gold and white in various ways and with different shades.

“We will definitely be working with you again.”

Sushma Bhanot
Co-Director of Coolherbals Ltd.


Why not try the golden face scrub? With particles of golden leaf, this facial scrub penetrates deep into the skin to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, blackheads and leaves skin soft, smooth and supple.